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Convertify Tips: How to make an android app that links to a website

Convertify provides you with the most helpful tips and tricks to ensure that your company is always on the market and relevant. Therefore, here we tell you how to create an Android application that links to a website.

Certainly, your web page represents a window into your services and products. The idea is to have brand presence and promotion, which will translate into more potential customers and greater profitability, right?

By linking your website to an Android app, your users will be able to access relevant content related to their searches. Below are our insights as experts in app development for the success of your business.

Differences between mobile applications and websites

If you want to know how to create an Android app that links to a website, it is imperative that you know the differences between the two. We will explain it to you.


When using a mobile app it is absolutely necessary that you download it to your mobile device. On the contrary, your website requires an internet connection in order to be used.


Mobile applications are downloaded from Google Play, while your website is hosted on a server.


The mobile application must be downloaded and installed on the device. The website only requires input through the URL, with no downloads required.


A mobile app needs to be updated frequently, so you will see a warning that tells you to execute this action. The website does not need to be updated.


The development of mobile apps is carried out in different versions for each platform. Websites work in all browsers without any changes.

Advantages of mobile applications

Do you already know how to create an Android app that links to a website? Before we explained the advantages of mobile apps.

  • Brand presence and constant display on the user’s device.
  • Brand recognition and immediate accessibility, as the app is available on smartphones.
  • The user is personalized with key and relevant information.
  • Optimizing content for mobile provides a seamless user experience with images or text. This factor is essential for a better user experience.
  • Your business will be able to stand out from the competition, since not all businesses have their own mobile app. This element gives you the user’s purchase preference instead of another seller’s website.
  • A mobile app offers better interaction with your customers, which a website does not provide. Through the app you know their location, tastes and needs in real time, providing you with more sales opportunities.

How to integrate the mobile application with the website?

how to make an android app that links to a website

App linking, or “deep linking”, is a technique that allows mobile apps to interact with websites via their URLs. In order to satisfy the user, both the app and the website must be integrated.

Android controls app linking through the intent system. When the user clicks a link in a mobile browser, the browser sends an intent that Android will delegate to a registered app.

For example, if you click on a link on a technology website, it could open a mobile app related to a computer site.

This association confirms to Google the relationship between an app and a website. The association has the following advantages:

Associated applications are assigned HTTP URLs. Google will try to index the app automatically, based on the structure of the associated website and whether the application supports HTTP intents.

Even if you haven’t explicitly mapped app pages to web pages, any results that correspond to a website in mobile search can link to the app’s default view.

At Convertify we have a skilled team that will help you figure out how to create an Android app that links to a website. Let our experts handle your project, and we will provide you with the most suitable solution.

How can I create a mobile app that connects with my web app and shares the same database?

Still don’t know how to create an Android app that links to a website and shares a database? Doing this will help you concentrate all your users’ information, features and more, both on the web and on your device simultaneously.

You can manage the web from your mobile, wherever you are. Would you like it? Our Convertify team offers you the essential tools to grow your business without complications.

Redirect mobile website traffic to your app

In case you need to redirect web traffic to another location, such as your app, you can do it temporarily or permanently.

It is about automatically sending web visitors to your application. In this sense, these redirects are classified into two types:

  • 301 or permanent category, ideal if you want to position your website in search engines.

  • 302 or temporary, is used to show for short periods of time that the website is under maintenance. If you find yourself making changes or running a backup, this is ideal.


An Android application that links to a website is an effective way to increase users and sales for your business. You just have to choose a suitable developer for your project.

At Convertify you can count on our experience and track record to coordinate your sales and brand recognition efforts in an agile and advanced way.

In order to grow your business, we provide the latest strategies, technology, plans, and advice. Contact us!

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