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7 Tips for Convert a Website Into an App

Technology is becoming more and more omnipresent in our lives. Therefore, in the workplace it is essential to stay updated in order to promote the business efficiently. Convert a website into an app is part of this logic.

It is about modernizing and adapting to changes, representing an advance within the market, which has the expected effects. And we’re not just talking about profitability and cost reduction, but about overcoming operational obstacles.

The idea is to provide a high level service that attracts new generations of customers, increasing loyalty and better positioning. In this interesting article we bring you 7 tricks to achieve this and more.

Why Convert a Website Into an App?

You may be wondering why convert a website into an app, if you already have a positioning medium. The truth is that, to boost the sales of your products or services, a web page is no longer as effective.

In this new era, you need a mechanism that permits you to be found in addition to being among the main search engines. Remember that practically every person has a Smartphone and you need to stay in the customer’s mind.

An app gives you brand presence, the opportunity to differentiate yourself and a space to interact with your target. It is the right tool to get to know your clientele and tailor your services.

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The mobile device market has seen such high growth that now every business operates from an app. There is a wide range of companies developing apps today, from large corporations to SMEs and startups.

For example, the Android operating system offers more than a million different applications, which are growing every day. Social networks, however, are currently a significant factor due to their impact and penetration.

In addition to browsing through the posts, the customer will want to purchase your products, for which they will require an application. Converting a website into an app offers a substantial advantage in terms of effectiveness and immediacy.

Interactivity with customers through an application is ideal, putting a website that lacks this element at a disadvantage. As a result, you’ll be able to achieve a more dynamic commercial environment, allowing you to rise above your competitors.

Convert a website into an app Pros and Cons

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of convert a website into an app. Check them out!


Through an app, you can collect information about the profile of your potential customers, which is not possible only with your website. This is called obtaining data, such as gender, age, profession, and more, helping you to tailor your services or products.

To generate sales strategies, you will be able to discover valuable data, from their behavior to their interests.

After having collected the data, you have the follow-up of processes. It allows you to optimize strategies or implement the latest technologies to be more competitive in the market.

Another benefit is the possibility of communicating with users through notifications of two kinds, In-app and Push.

In-App Messages – These are full-screen messages that promote user interaction with the content. This can be related to offers, promotions, or news.

Push – These notifications appear on the mobile lock screen, in order to create a reaction such as reopening the app. It offers more direct and personalized communication.

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There are very few disadvantages of turning a website into an app; for example, having a Non Responsive design.

This means not being suitable or adequate to open on a variety of devices such as Tablets, Smartphones, among others.

If you want to have a functional app in your company, take into account the following tips.

Tip 1: Focus on what matters, User Experience!

Imagine yourself as a potential customer or consumer. What would you want from an app? A single product does not make a difference when there is poor care or inadequate treatment.

The customer experience is what will make them buy, come back for more products, and speak highly of your brand. The ease of navigating, finding what you are looking for, and simplifying your trip, is more than enough.

Tip 2:  Analyze all your options

Find out what else you can offer besides a simple service. Promotions that attract and motivate customers or loyalty bonuses are part of your options.

Tip 3: Make sure you have a presence in the app store

In the Google AppStore, there are thousands of applications that could overshadow your presence. Invest in positioning, stand out with a positive image, a harmonic and aesthetic logo, as well as an understandable and effective language.

Tip 4: App Marketing will be your best friend

The purpose of marketing your app is to attract the maximum number of users and thus generate income. You can hire experts for this who provide, for example, a multichannel strategy to segment the target.

Tip 5: Hybrid or Native? Don’t forget to decide first

The nature you define will affect the result. Analyze the budget, development time, and target audience.

The native ones offer more security, speed and better performance. Hybrids are more easily scalable. Consult with professionals and evaluate profitability, efficiency, UX design, speed, among others.

Tip 6: Use a DIY app builder to create your app

There are many app generators, but are they effective or reliable? Have you tried Convertify? It has a self-managed, simple and avant-garde platform.

Convertify is totally accessible, an investment that will give you confidence and allow an easy start of operations at a digital level.

Tip 7: Make it simple, sometimes less is more

Avoid complicating the process and instead offer the client a simple, easy-to-use, and very attractive tool. If you’re working on this kind of work for the company, you’ll always strive to incorporate as many elements as possible.

Remember that the client needs to understand more without more effort. Keep it simple!


Now you know how to turn a website into an app. At Convertify you have an ally trained to provide you with an advanced system that raises the potential of your company.

Access the digital universe of this era, evolve, and be more competitive in the market by turning your organization 180°. Count on us.


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