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Why Would you Want to Convert your Website Into a Mobile App?

Mobile usability has a strong influence on business growth online. In case of incompatibility with mobile phones, your business may end up leaving money on the table.

How can you make an app for your online business? With Convertify is the easiest way.

The process seems technical to a newbie, but it’s actually not. Fortunately, tools like Convertify help you quickly optimize your sites for smartphone users.

Why do you need to convert your website into a Mobile App?

As an online business owner, you can’t stress enough about creating mobile apps for your business. It helps you forecast your business value in the long run, especially if you plan to focus on the mobile audience.

Here are the reasons that compel why your business needs mobile apps.

  • Follow the masters: Brands like Facebook provide their apps for android and iOS users. If your business doesn’t target android and iOS users, you fall short of attracting an audience from mobile softwares.
  • Loss of mobile traffic: Mobile users love apps, so they would easily replace you for another competitor who has an app and makes it easier for clients to manage things on their mobiles.
  • Productivity: Customers can do more if your business infrastructure supports mobile usability. The statement provides evidence for most of the web tools. Most of the top brands offer mobile apps, take Payoneer for example – customers use its mobile app to send and receive global payments online.
  • Ease of use: It’s easy to convert your website into a native android and iOS app. By using automated tools like Convertify, people with no background in coding can easily make their sites mobile-friendly.

Last but not least, businesses with apps make more business and revenue than those who don’t, studies show.

Benefits of converting your website into a Mobile App

If mobile users are buying more online, your business could make more money with mobile apps. The process is seamless – mobile users search for products, buy frequently, and help companies grow faster.

When it comes to making more money with mobile apps, the following lines include the benefits of creating mobile apps for your business websites.

  • Mobile audience (Tap into untapped traffic): Mobile users are rapidly increasing. By 2025, more than 50% of mobile users will use their smartphones for online research. The statement is clear and helps us form future-strategy for our businesses. Only those having mobile apps can leave competitors far behind in the coming decade.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Google now pays special attention to responsive websites. Although you can choose and apply a responsive theme on your site, creating a mobile app skyrockets your business growth and revenue.
  • Benefits of having a mobile app: By taping on a mobile screen, you can launch a web service straight away from your Smartphone. You can also carry out business activities with ease, such as sending emails from business apps.
  • Responsiveness: If your site supports mobile usability, customers enjoy your service on the go. With that clarified, you can create responsive apps for your business and promote business strategy by targeting mobile users in particular.
  • Android users: People tend to search for android apps, more than customers use their PC for online activities.
  • Accessibility (Mobile vs. Computer): Mobile users can use cellular data to access their favorite web services. Unlike a desktop computer, customers can use their smartphones to access the Internet on the go.
  • Targeted marketing: If your business serves to mobile users, you can come up with a clear strategy for targeting Smartphone users. It becomes easier for companies that provide mobile apps to their customers.

If your business aims at capturing customer leads and makes use of tools that provide op-tin forms, creating mobile apps helps you further boost your lead capturing campaigns.

How to convert your Website into a Mobile App?

As mentioned above, we will be using Convertify for the said purpose. The process is straight forward, beginner-friendly, and requires fewer inputs to create an app for your business website. Moreover, you can choose between various app platforms, including Android, iOS, or both in a hybrid combination.

Usually, creating mobile apps for websites requires technical routines. It doesn’t suit beginners and makes the process a lot harder for non-techies.

Fortunately, you can make use of tools that help you easily create mobile apps for your business website. In this tutorial, let’s walk you through the process of creating mobile apps with Convertify.

Step 1: Convertify’s official website asks for the necessary information to convert your site into app. You can also click on the Convert button on the home page.

App details

Step 2: Choose appropriate options for the output app. After selecting the type of app, you can enter a name, website URL, and email address of your choice. You can choose whether you want your app in Android or iOS format.

Make sure you put HTTP(s) at the start of your site URL.

Step 3: Once you fill out the required information, go ahead to click on the Convert button. The next page shows payment information. Here, Convertify accepts Cards and PayPal as its payment options.


Step 4: Once the payment process completes as usual, you will be redirected to your order page so you submit your app icon. You can expect your resultant app within 24 hours.

Don’t forget to look for the email from Convertify. The email includes the resultant app or a link to download your converted app alongside video tutorials and documentation on how to upload the apps. Also, you should look out for the email at the address you have given while entering information on the Convert page. If the process goes normal, you can see – your business website has been converted to an Android or iOS app. You can now proceed to upload your app to the Play store.

Now you have learned how to convert your website into a mobile app, here is a list of features Convertify provides for its valued users. Your resultant app reflects the following features for customers.

Features of Convertify

  1. You can quickly get your app in your email inbox. Convertify sends your app to the email address you have specified in the conversion process.
  2. As compared to its competitors, Convertify charges reasonable quotes for converting your business website into a mobile app. Head over to this page for the Convertify’s pricing information.
  3. Convertify has got you covered with professional developers. Once you enter the required information, real-world developers create your app and deliver it straight to your email inbox.
  4. Convertify provides the option to choose from various app platforms. When entering the required information to create your business app, you can choose between Android and iOS platforms.
  5. With Convertify, you can experience the features of a well-designed app, including push notifications, pull to refresh, file handling like downloading or uploading, and sharing options.
  6. Convertify offers a flexible routine for developing your app. Your app reflects the design of your business website. You will be able to see your site, the way you see it on a mobile screen. This page on Convertify’s official website shows more examples of completed projects.
  7. Your app gets updated as your site does. You don’t need to install or upgrade your business app. As long as you don’t change your site URL, updating your content never affects your mobile app.
  8. Convertify charges you per project or website. You can pay once and convert a single site for the first time. If you need to convert more webs, you can repurchase the package or ask for custom plans.
  9. There is no copyright protection on the converted app. Convertify doesn’t ask for license purchases, either. Once you receive your app in the email inbox, you can use or upload your app to the Play stores.
  10. Convertify optimizes your app for multiple databases. Your app supports reading data from different frameworks, including MySql, Oracle 12c, and Microsoft SQL Server.


Loyal customers often prefer companies with mobile apps. If your business solely promotes products, you can significantly increase your sales revenue.

Also, research shows that companies with mobile apps engage more customers than those overlooking mobile usability.

If you create mobile apps for your business website, it can also help you increase your customer base. As a matter of fact, mobile users are rapidly outranking PC users.

Besides customers, mobile apps help you increase customer retention. The equation of customer loyalty is simple – the more value you provide, the more customers will come back to your business.

Finally, if you’re thinking of creating mobile apps for your business site, we would love to help you learn more about Convertify. Also, don’t forget to ask questions about our features and pricing plans.

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