Custom Handkerchiefs: Submit Your Design

Custom embroidered wedding crest handkerchief using crest designed by Papergarten.

{Crest Design | Papergarten, Photography | Caitlin Rose Photography

We love creating a one-of-kind handkerchief for you using your custom wedding crests and custom monograms. They make a unique gift for you, your family or guests. Please allow up to 3 business days for me to respond to your proposal request. I look forward to working with you and can't wait to see your designs!


    PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ASK THE GRAPHIC DESIGNER OR ARTIST FOR PERMISSION. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME AS A FELLOW CREATIVE. I ASSUME WHEN YOU SEND ME THE DESIGN THAT YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO DO SO. The majority of artists are thrilled for you to embroider your design for personal use or to give to guests, but please give them the courtesy of asking. We appreciate it.

    Custom embroidered wedding monogram on ivory handkerchief in gold thread.

    {Photography | Julie Paisley Photography}

    Custom embroidered wedding monogram in navy on white handkerchief with navy lace.

    {Monogram Design | LoveLeigh Designs,

    Photography | Love Me Do Photography}

    custom wedding handkerchief with monogram and date embroidered in taupe thread.
    Custom anniversary handkerchief embroidered in navy, pink and gold on white handkerchief.

    {Photography | Love Me Do Photography}