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Mobile App Marketing: Strategies You Need for Growth

Mobile App Marketing will determine the pace at which it will attract users and grow. This is why today we bring you a guide with a series of tips and strategies that will help you plan, carry out and measure certain marketing objectives.

What is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile app promotion is a key practice in the growth and optimum development of app businesses. It consists of carrying out marketing campaigns to attract customers to your application and to be able to expand your client base, as well as increase your profits.

Every business needs the right people (i.e. potential customers) to know the service or product and thus offer them the solutions to the problems they have.

That is why in this article we will address some of the best marketing strategy for an app that can carry out to succeed in the market in which it is entering.

There are thousands of good practices when marketing your app, but we want to focus on some of them.

When to Start Mobile App Marketing?

We firmly believe that the right time to start marketing campaigns for a mobile app is just before launching it to market.

This is of great importance because we will know in advance what are the objectives we want to reach, and more importantly, how to achieve them.

If we start our campaigns earlier we can have correct feedback from the first customers and make modifications based on them, so that in the future our users come to us easier and have a better user experience.

All this does not mean that we cannot start a marketing campaign if our app is already out on the market. This can also give us an advantage, as we know our customers more accurately and we will know which goals we have to pursue.

In short, the ideal would be to start our marketing strategies before launching our mobile application to the market. But starting it when our application has its path is not counterproductive, but backward.

The important thing is that marketing strategies are done, no matter when. So, let’s see now how to market your mobile app!

Best Mobile App Marketing Strategies

We were talking to our Temok friends to develop some of the many ways to market an app. Here we will develop some that can have a great weight in the development of your brand, take a look at them, and hope you like them.

You don’t need to hire an app marketing service to develop these strategies, as they are things that can be learned and done without much complexity.


1- Use Promo Codes Before the App Goes Live

Promo codes allow the user to use the service of your application for free and before it goes on the market.

This is very valuable for having influencers and people who write or dedicate themselves to the category do a review of the service or product.

Luckily, Apple and Google offer app owners the generation of these codes to share, for more information on how to do it visit this Apptamin article.

There is no doubt that this is a very good strategy to generate expectations in the market, that people know that your application is about to come out and that there are people who are already using it.

2- Get an App Press Kit

This is one of the strategies that, more than effort, is about intelligence.

When you start promoting the launch of your app you probably catch some writers or bloggers on the market who can help you with some articles or who just want to try it out and talk about it.

But to do this, these people will need information and content about your app. That’s why you should offer them an app press kit.

This is a win-win as they do not waste time asking you for information, images, and other things, and on the other hand, you benefit as the image of the app will be the same in all these places that write about it. It’s also a matter of design and brand strength, isn’t it?

Among the things you can include in your app press kit are:

  • A brief description of your app.
  • Screenshots.
  • Your app logo.
  • Links to Social Media and press releases.
  • Etc.


3- Conduct Outreach activities on the Launch Day

The day of the launch of the app is a key day when we hope to have generated the necessary expectation so that people are alert to download our app.

For this, we must carry out pre-launch activities that achieve this impact on people, and also reach a wider audience.

For example, we can contact a group of market influencers in advance so that on launch day they generate content based on our event. The press is also very important, and we can also generate manual interactions from social networks to invite more people to meet.

If you have a social media community, you can get more participation from them on launch day through raffles and questions that make users feel part of everything that’s going on.

Another good option is to make a webinar. Since in these digital times they are developing a lot and allow communicating the proposal better.

4- Have a Support System Ready to Go

A support system is critical at any time when users interact with the application.

Having it from the very beginning ensures that our customers can give us feedback on the functions we need to review, and also offer them an optimal care experience.

This will generate that users feel at ease with our service and also feel listened to by the company.

In the end, everything we do is to please and serve the customer. And more so today, that the pace of work and the change in functionalities are determined by the user.

Then we can see the importance of offering this service from the beginning, also helping to fidelize and grow our audience by word of mouth.

5- Advertising your app

This is a strategy that requires more knowledge perhaps, and will probably be more effective if done after the launch of the application.

Anyway, we wanted to keep it in mind as it is an effective way to reach users who you think may need your app.

It consists of advertising it through platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. The price of advertising will vary according to our budget, the duration of advertising, and other factors that determine it.

To develop this point in a more complex way as it deserves, we are writing an article that serves as a complete guide to its implementation. Stay tuned to Convertify Blog!


How to Create a Mobile App Marketing Plan?

Creating a mobile app marketing strategy takes time, as there are some points to develop to achieve it perfectly. Keep in mind that over time you will learn more about how to market a phone app.

First and foremost, we need to know our potential customers.

  • How old are they?
  • What do they do in their day-to-day?
  • What are the problems they have? (And how our app can help them solve it).
  • What social networks do they use?

From these questions, you have to approximate what content those potential customers would like to see, and what would be the way to attract and engage future users.

Social networks are a great ally on this path, as it is where users of the world spend more time interacting with people and brands.

The important thing is to define the goals you want to achieve with your campaigns and strategies and to modify them on the fly as you see how the market responds.

From this, you might realize that campaign measurement are almost as important as the strategies we use, since what is not measured cannot be improved, as the great Peter Drucker said.

But here, too, there are things to keep in mind, such as not getting too obsessed with every number and index, but looking at the big picture of insights.

This is why we invite you to read the following article on Temok’s blog, which provides several important app marketing tips for launching a marketing plan for an app.


Finally, we want to tell you that it is important that you make efforts to define the objectives and address the strategies you think are necessary to market your app.

If you own a website and think you can reach your customers better through an app, we invite you to see the features that Convertify offers, where you can convert a website into an app with just your URL.

Obviously, at Convertify we seek that you can always have the best information through our blog, and so you can learn how to do Android and iPhone app marketing.

Mobile App Marketing is a necessary practice and it takes patience and time, the important thing is that you can see results and know-how to modify it as it passes to make it better and better. But above all, enjoy it!

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