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7 Features Your Mobile App Really Needs

App features are indispensable tools in the development of mobile apps. This is why today we bring you a guide with the 7 most important you can find on Convertify. Hope you enjoy it!

The development of mobile apps is increasing throughout the world. These became indispensable tools for users who want to benefit from things that interest them, and above all, a great tool for business, changing the way they interact with consumers.

There is no doubt that the benefits of creating an app for your business are infinite, but at the time of developing a mobile app, there are some doubts, such as which are the correct features to use in my app.

This is why today we address this topic and seek to help you along the way, telling you what are the 7 must-have app features you need to take into account to include in your app.

The first thing to take into account before selecting the features of a good app is to think about those with which the user would feel comfortable when interacting with the app.

As in all digital businesses, the pace is marked by customers. That is why we must seriously consider promoting strategies that allow us to know the customer more and receive feedback of value from the customer.

Let’s see now what 7 features of mobile application development you have to consider when you create an app, or if you have one and want to increase your connection with users.

1- Push Notifications

Push Notifications are messages that we constantly receive from the different applications we use, and that allows us to be connected to that environment even if we are not using it.

We consider it one of the key features of a successful mobile app, as it allows us to generate a much more personalized relationship with users.

This last is to be able to talk to the user about the things that interest him of our product, make the rate of return much higher and also generate fluid communication.

However, we must be careful when connecting with users through push notifications. This is why we leave you some tips to design them since no user wants to receive unnecessary information and it is something that can affect the reputation of an app.

Here are five tips for good push notifications practice:

  • Be Short and Concise.
  • With an intriguing message.
  • That contains a call-to-action.
  • Customize the language and time of your audience.
  • Be selective: Do not fill the user with irrelevant information.

If you want to know more about this feature you can visit our blog post about the best push notification providers on the market, with a guide to set them up in Android and iOS apps.

2- Pull to Refresh

The Pull to Refresh was installed on mobile devices from the beginning of touch screens, generating a culture around which is still present in more and more devices of all kinds. And it really very rare to encounter navigation that does not allow us to perform this action.

This feature consists of offering the user the pleasant experience of recharging the different pages of our app.

It has a lot to do with the design of the user experience, generating a clearer picture of who we are as a brand.

We believe it is a good option that can be adapted to different types of app design.

Another point in favor of this feature is that users want faster and faster responses to requests made to mobile apps through their cell phones. And the ‘Pull to Refresh’ is a great ally to combat that anxiety and let the user know that what he wants is being interpreted.

3- QR Code Scanner

‘An estimated 11 million households scanned a QR code in 2020 in the United States alone.’

The QR code came into the world in an innovative way and fully benefiting users and businesses. It allows people to scan a code through the cameras of their cell phones, accessing websites, or mobile apps in just a second.

Their growth continues to increase year by year, and the optimizations given to these services are getting better and better.

Another interesting fact about QR codes is that they came to replace many of the traditional ways of presenting things (such as curriculum vitae), generating a positive impact on the environment by eliminating the unnecessary use of paper.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it began to be used more and more in restaurants replacing traditional charts and payments.

This is why we believe that offering users the possibility to access our mobile app and different functionalities through a QR code is a great opportunity that should not be missed.

4- Security

Security is important always and in every area in which our lives pass. In mobile apps, it is not an exception.

The amount of data we collect from users leads us to come up with solutions to make that data traffic more and more secure and efficient, benefiting users primarily and businesses as well.

Today we’re constantly making online payments and providing personal information to businesses. Clearly what we least want is for that data to be public.

Another important point is to protect the data of our code and the internal processes of our business. We don’t want intruders in our space, let alone people with negative intentions who can harm us and our users.

Mobile app security is a measure to secure applications from external threats like malware and other digital frauds that risk critical personal and financial information from hackers.

Mobile app security has become equally important in today’s world. A breach in mobile security can not only give hackers access to the user’s personal life in real-time but also disclose data like their current location, banking information, personal information, and much more.

To learn more about Mobile App Security, check this appsealing guide to secure your app.

5- App Linking and Sharing

This feature consists of offering the user links to our different communication channels such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Also that these can share information that has served them of our app, generating a branding that can serve us a lot.

Many times we download an app, like it, and see that they have an Instagram page that complements everything we can see in it. Or maybe find a good Instagram page and see that they have an app.

The importance of connecting these processes in the digital world is enormous. It constantly opens up possibilities for us.

This is why we recommend developing all the communication channels in which our potential user is located. This will serve us both in the short and long term and allows us to brand ever wider and more fully, sending good signals to the user and search engines.

6- Rate My App

It probably happened many times that you entered an app and asked if you wanted to rate it in AppStore or Play Store.

That’s what this feature is about, which allows users to evaluate an application to help it better position itself in-app search engines.

If users really feel that your app brings value to them, they won’t have a problem spending a few seconds of their time putting on the five stars.

And maybe the ratings aren’t as positive, but you’ll certainly have written feedback of what the user thinks needs to be changed to make the user experience better.

From this, we can make changes that impact the usability of the same, that leaves users more relaxed and that gets us more downloads in the long term.

This is why we consider that giving the user the opportunity to write a return is useful both for them and for us as business owners.

7- Media Playback

In this seventh and last feature, we are going to speak about an ideal experience that can be offered to the user.

To be able to raise videos, interactive images, and other types of average, they allow the user to interact in a more didactic way with the app and not necessarily with words and long texts that bore it.

The world moves increasingly to audio-visual communication, allowing to show a more personal and nearby image of the mark, communicate complex concepts in words, to possess a more friendly interface and thousands of benefits more.

Doubt not even a second in using this feature, which is going to generate a big change in such a way that they have the users of perceiving the brand.

Other Points to Consider When Creating an App

The importance of knowing what things the user wants is also determined by the ease we provide to communicate with us. An optimal user experience, with a responsive design, is the biggest point in this whole process.

We also recommend keeping things simple, without complicating browsing much and allowing users to find what they need in a quick and easy way.

At Convertify, we offer all these features and more. With affordable pricing and a friendly process, we’re sure we can help you improve your business and start interacting with your consumers more efficiently.

Finally, we want to tell you to try. Try all the time with different features that you think can serve you, that can serve users. Then analyze how they behave in front of these and make improvements. This is the best system you can use to grow your digital business more and more.

If you want to learn more about Mobile Apps Business, eCommerce app features, good examples of mobile apps, marketing, and more, check out Convertify Blog.

Thanks for reading us and if you like it please share it with your people. See you next time!

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