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Top 6 Podcasts for Mobile App Owners (2021)

The world of podcasts is increasingly embedded in people’s lives, and while we can find thousands of topics, its usefulness for business is enormous. In this post we will tell you about six shows that will bring you value and help you create a mindset to grow your online business.

The Advantage of Podcasts

Podcasts have great benefits, and although they exist many years ago, it was in 2020 that they had a greater impact due to the COVID-19 situation of pandemics and confinement that was lived throughout the world.

During 2020, people came across many shows on topics they were interested in and could enjoy while doing other things at home.

podcasts for mobile apps owners

The expansion of podcasts is due to several factors, which make them a simple and highly valuable tool for the general public. Let’s look at some of them:

  • A wide variety of topics

The number of categories that exist is really amazing, we can find even podcast shows about study techniques, gastronomy, and business. Really, whatever we can think of.

And best of all, more and more categories appear on the market.

This is why users can find answers to their doubts about thousands of topics and not only that but in a very pleasant way, and in one place.

  • The facility of listening to them

Yes, the ease of listening to them is another factor that makes podcasts something great.
Being able to find them in one place gives us the opportunity to only write in the search engine the topic we want to hear and we will have many options on different sub-themes.

Another point is that they are usually understood as a radio program but can be paused, accelerated, and heard again whenever we want. Without a doubt, this is a great benefit, as we can listen to part of an episode while we drive, pause it, and then continue listening from where we stay.

  • The opportunity to listen to industry giants

There are interviews of all kinds with people of great influence in the different industries, such as having the opportunity to listen to Elon Musk. That’s something podcasts generate.

There is a lot of learning in this world, a lot of valuable information about people who achieved amazing things by telling how they did it.

We think this is one of the most important points, the fact that we have the opportunity to hear exciting stories on our devices and at our fingertips.

  • The value that they contribute

And as we said in almost all the above points, the value that is transmitted in each podcast episode is enormous.

All the knowledge we can retain with a simple episode that talks about what we needed to hear can change your year.

Without a doubt, it is a tool that we have to incorporate as a habit into our lives, and if we find a space we can learn and grow to unimaginable places.

Top 6 Podcasts about App Development and Online Business


Mobile Growth and Pancakes

Mobile Growth & Pancakes is a podcast by Storemaven, hosted by Esther Shatz. They break down how and why mobile apps grow.

In each episode, they invite a mobile growth expert onto the show to break down a specific mobile growth strategy: how it worked, why it worked, and what they would do differently.

They’re available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

It is a great space to learn about the growth of mobile businesses, the episodes are not very long but the information you will receive is invaluable.

Here is an episode that we recommend, where they discuss creativity strategies in the development of mobile apps:


Mobile Dev Memo Podcast

In this podcast, hosted by Eric Seufert, you can listen to talks with different industry players, covering topics such as marketing, economic trends, analysis of different topics that affect the industry, etc.

It is an ideal place for mobile advertisers and developers to receive insights on topics that can grow their business.

Although they started in 2017, they did not have much activity until 2020, and in 2021 the different talks are expected to expand and be a constant throughout the year.

One of the episodes we recommend is the following in which they talk about the future of mobile advertising.


The Mobile User Acquisition Show

The mobile user acquisition podcast is presented by Shamanth Rao, mobile growth leader and the founder and CEO of the boutique growth consulting firm RocketShip HQ. Each episode includes strategies, tips and pointers from the leading edge of mobile user acquisition that can help you unlock tremendous growth for your app.

This show addresses different topics of the industry, above all articulates various changes that occur in the platforms with their practical application and a correct discussion on these points.

In the episode we recommend, they talk to David Barnard, who develops apps almost since the first iPhone went on the market, and who knows thoroughly and experienced all the changes that took place throughout the history of monetization in the App Store.


App Performance Café

The description made by the creators of this show seems to us the most correct to know what it is, they say that “A relaxed coffee always brings an insightful conversation. And when it comes to mobile app performance, coffee is always a useful tool. Join us at the App Performance Café, where Rui Costa, CEO at Codavel, brings the most knowledgeable individuals for an informal conversation around the vast world of mobile app performance. Our guests will share the challenges and obstacles, strategies, and lessons learned when building top-performing mobile apps. Across multiple episodes, we’ll cover the connection of mobile app performance with topics like networking, infrastructure, monitoring, UX, business metrics, app development, security, and performance culture, to name a few”.

It really is a very complete show, with many industry insights with an incredible amount of value. Not to mention the number of players who invite, including employees of big companies like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter.
We invite you to meet them, and an episode we really liked was this:


Talking With Apples

Talking With Apples is a show in which different characters related to the mobile industry come together to discuss different trends that make an app better. Mainly, you can find back-end talks and Machine Learning technologies to power an app.

It is a very complete podcast for professional developers who want to hear opinions on various topics related to mobile development.

An episode we recommend:


Make Moves Podcast

While this is not an exclusive podcast about mobile apps, we believe it is important for anyone who wants to start or who is developing an online business.

What this show is about is getting comfortable with the changes we go through on our way to being business owners, in a healthy and efficient way.

Clayton is a mobility specialist and a behavior change expert who teaches weekend warriors and athletes how to take care of their bodies so they can stay Mobile with less aches and pains.

Clayton has also found a love of teaching other health experts how to build an online business using sustainable and fun approaches to social media and build a thriving community of their own.

We recommend this episode because we believe that there are many times we lose the sense of what we are doing and that can lead us to abandon our dreams.

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