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10 Benefits of Having a Food Ordering App in Every Restaurant

Keeping up with digital trends is a strategy that will definitely impact the finances of your business. Therefore, if you own a restaurant, you should consider a food ordering app.

Have you noticed the influence that social networks have on the public, to the point of promoting a purchase? Do you understand how easy it is to order food through an app and enjoy it in just minutes?

There are many advantages that an app provides in a food business, from a simpler process to lower expenses. Here we show you 10 benefits of integrating into today’s world, whose potential and profits reside in technology.

Food ordering app: why should you get one if you are a restaurant owner?

You have qualified personnel to run a food business, a restaurant with the ability to serve a large clientele. You own the business and you must ensure profitability through effective tactics. But do you technically have the resources to increase the number of customers, inside and outside the premises? A food ordering app will make a difference and represents a universe of interconnected possibilities.

The goal is not only to maintain the financial stability of the company, but to rise above the competition beyond personal sales, including multiple levels of customer relationships.

For example, did you know that approximately 83% of adults use electronic devices such as tablets and phones to search for restaurants? And they are very specific in their searches, from the address to hours of operation.

On the other hand, 50% take advantage of special offers, 75% look at the menu and 55% look at the comments to make a purchase decision. What to do about it? Here we tell you everything.

How can a Food ordering app make a difference in your business

A food ordering app is a functional and cutting-edge tool, not only in financial terms. Do you want to know its advantages? Here we go.

food ordering app

1. Mobile apps bring you much closer to M-Commerce

The M-Commerce or Mobile Commerce (mobile commerce) is ideal as a sales strategy. You can generate push notifications through the app to interact with your audience.

Send notifications on each customer’s phone screen at specific times, communicating company values. Users who click on the links have a high level of visualization.

You can count on the possibility of obtaining sales in one click, being geolocated by GPS and having an omnichannel approach. This means that any user can find your restaurant on any device.

2. Get bigger orders more often

The food ordering app provides a more efficient purchase process with fewer lines within the premises. Receiving, preparing, and delivering orders are more effective and practical, increasing the number of orders.

More and more customers have a quick and easy way to pay and receive their order with just their phone.

3. Attract new customers more easily

Anyone who has a food ordering app on their Smartphone or Tablet is a potential customer for your restaurant. This results in the accumulation of new clients on a frequent basis.

Specifically, generation Z and millennials value this type of service that generates comfort and practicality. In addition to enjoying the experience of placing an order and following up on it.

4. Simplify the ordering process

By having a food ordering app, you get an efficient tool that will avoid unnecessary delays. A simple, secure, fast and convenient process for the customer and for the merchant is all that a smart business requires.

5. Apps are the way of the future

Applications give your business the boost it needs, extending beyond just an investment. Think of the interaction with your users, an editable menu, multi language options, virtual reservations and less customer waiting.

You can reach thousands of customers instead of a dozen of these. Today, each business is capable of evolving through the use of apps, integrating itself into tomorrow’s business.

6. Reduce errors and problems with orders

What about phone food orders? Many situations that could lead to misunderstandings or human errors, such as order failures due to not paying attention to the customer.

A food ordering app eases the burden on staff, automating the process and increasing productivity. Tasks such as payment management, phone orders, among others are controlled thanks to technology.

7. Online presence, reviews and ratings

Through simple comments made automatically, customers will be able to learn about your services. This will position you at the SEO level, in addition to posting positive reviews on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

Reviews and ratings will help you get more online presence and therefore better opportunities for growth.

8. Easy to make changes

A food ordering app is easy to use, providing you with a functional digital environment in a simple way. You can change elements or promotions in your application according to the needs of your customers.

You will also be able to know their tastes and interests, using Business Intelligence and analyzing the data when managing your application.

9. More space to build a brand image

Through the app you can generate an image without the need for advertising campaigns prepared by agencies. You can use your presence in social networks, which will give you more dynamism and interaction.

10. Reduced costs

By using a food ordering app you reduce expenses such as salaries of more employees. Using the application, customers can order their orders in the comfort of their homes, without having to spend excessive amounts of time in the establishment.


Technology is part of the present and will continue to be with us in the future. To take advantage of such an unlimited and profitable universe, you just have to understand its impact.

At Convertify we know how to boost your business, transforming your website into a food ordering app. Leave the heavy lifting to our experts, and we will accompany you in an updated and effective digital process.

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